Why New Zealand

A world class education in a welcoming and safe environment.

New Zealand’s Educational System and Environment

New Zealand has been recognised by The Economist as the best Englishspeaking country in the world for educating students for the future. Regularlyranked highly on global indices in terms of peacefulness and quality of life,New Zealand provides a safe and welcoming study destination for students from all around the world.

Students can choose to study at high school, undergraduate or postgraduate level at institutions ranked among the best in the world.

New Zealand’s eight universities are all ranked within the top 3% worldwide,with innovative programmes and flexible choices of study available.  

Te Pukenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, is New Zealand’s career focused learning network, providing a practical skills basedl earning environment within the government polytechnic network.

New Zealand also offers private training establishments, providing specialised education in the areas of business, hospitality, trades and design.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority oversees all areas of education to ensure that standards are upheld and that students receive a high quality educational experience.

Work Rights

New Zealand offers post study work rights to students who have studied in an institution within the country for at least 30 weeks. The duration of post study work visas are based on the level of study

  • Bachelors degrees: Up to 3 years, on the basis of the time spent studying in New Zealand
  • Postgraduate Diploma: Equivalent to the time spent studying in New Zealand
  • Masters and PhD: 3 years

Qualifications studied below degree level will be eligible for a work visa of up to the length of the time studied in New Zealand, only if it is included on the list of Qualifications Eligible for Post Study Work Visa.


New Zealand institutions offer a range of attractive scholarships for international students, which are based on academic excellence. Our team can assist students in applying for relevant scholarships based on their study choices and academic achievements.

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